Brevard County Citizens Uniting to…

primary-school-children-001-300x180“Raise the level of awareness and communicate the facts about the proposed one-half cent surtax on sales so Brevard voters can make an informed decision in favor of the tax.

Teachers union supports half-cent tax for schools

The Brevard Federation of Teachers is endorsing the half-cent sales tax proposed by Brevard Public Schools — and union leaders promise they’ll mobilize members behind the effort.

“We understand the necessary capital expenses that need to happen,” union president Richard Smith said earlier this week. “We want boys and girls to have air conditioning, we want boys and girls to have safe buses.”

About 81 percent of the 436 members who responded to a union survey were in favor of the tax. Out of that, 352 were in favor, 45 were not, and 39 were undecided, Smith said.

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Some More Facts

Kelly Slater Endorses Tax

Athletic Participation and the 1/2 Cent Sales Tax

By Gary Shiffrin  //  July 1, 2014 GARY SHIFFRIN: This author cannot think of a more important vote than the recommendation to vote for a 1/2 cent surtax to benefit education. Once again the voters of Brevard will have a choice to make regarding funding our public schools. Read More…

Official ballot language approved by the School Board

One-half cent sales surtax for critical school facilities renewal, school security and technology upgrades.  Would you support the School Board levying a one-half cent surtax on sales in Brevard County, beginning 1/1/15, for a period of six years, to be used exclusively for critical school facility renewal projects, school security and technology upgrades? A needs-based prioritizedContinue Reading

Community Leaders Breakfast & Fundraiser

Ballot Language Clarification

Brevard Save our Students(BSOS) has the following clarification with regards to the half-cent sales surtax ballot language presented at the May 27th School Board meeting:We have worked closely with the district and school board on the ballot wording and concur with the language except for duration of the tax. We are waiting on the resultsContinue Reading

Achieving Excellence in Education

Why Music Matters!

Letter: Sales tax will improve school environment

by Richard Smith, President, Brevard Federation of Teachers Billy was doing his very best on the FCAT test. He wanted to make his mom proud of him. She was a hard-working single parent who spent every evening with him to help him have a better life. Read more.